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About Me.

Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

I’ve gone from intentionally failing half my classes in high school, to being named one of the top 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada. I’ve gone from asking the Canadian government for help, to helping the Canadian government as a consultant.


I’ve had dozens of job applications ignored and now have a business that’s been recognized by the Prime Minister.


How did I get here? I learned early on that my success depended on my relationships. Who knew me, and what they knew me for … was just as important as what I knew. I realized I had to get people to see me, connect with me and understand me. The most effective way to do that was to put all my cards on the table and tell them my story.

After a decade of writing stories for TV news, I developed a superpower in breaking down complex ideas into snackable content; the kind of stories that you never forget. But working in the newsroom gave me a front row seat to how social media was changing everything about how we live and do business. I used my own social media channels to reach others across the world with messages of radical transparency.

And now as a consultant with the world's leading social media management software, Hootsuite, I’ve become an expert in identifying and teaching others how storytelling and social media combine to create some magical moments.

I’ve helped corporate teams, managers and leaders of organizations across North America tap into the power of storytelling, speaking to groups at City University of New York, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, the Conference Board of Canada, and The Canadian Association of Journalists.

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