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Co-founder | Keynote Speaker | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant

I’ve gone from intentionally failing half my classes in high school, to being named one of the top 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada. I’ve gone from asking the Canadian government for help, to helping the Canadian government as a consultant. I’ve had dozens of job applications ignored and now I’m the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of an online magazine that’s been recognized by the Prime Minister. How did I get here? Vulnerability, storytelling and a message of radical transparency.

Sharing my own personal story about how I accidentally found out I was part of a diversity workplace program, to the stream of microaggressions I’ve navigated in life and at work, has led me to spend more time researching and talking about Canada’s unique place in the diversity, equity and inclusion space.

Statistics show that industries across the board could make serious gains in revenue per year through diversity, inclusion and belonging efforts. But despite throwing millions of well-intentioned dollars at D&I programs, underrepresented groups struggle to get their foot in the door, and when they do, they almost never make it up the ranks. Something doesn’t add up.


My public speaking and corporate DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) consulting is anchored in intersectionality, with specific emphasis on the idea that effective diversity work must go beyond gender. Diversity and inclusion initiatives that try to group people into such categories as gender, ethnicity, and age provide a narrow view of what shapes our identities. No one is defined by a single category, we are influenced by our socialization, experiences, culture, and background. This is a core concept behind intersectionality. My approach is also heavily rooted in explaining what allyship looks like and giving tangible steps to transforming how teams understand how this plays out in the workplace.

Through keynotes and workshops, I’ve helped kickstart these difficult conversations at both mid-size and large scale companies such as Fiix Software, The Conference Board of Canada, TD Bank, KPMG, Investors Group and Enbridge.

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