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About Me.

Co-founder | Keynote Speaker | Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Consultant

I’ve gone from intentionally failing half my classes in high school, to being named one of the top 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada. I’ve gone from asking the Canadian government for help, to helping the Canadian government as a consultant. I’ve had dozens of job applications ignored and now I’m the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of an online magazine that’s been recognized by the Prime Minister. How did I get here? Vulnerability, storytelling and a message of radical transparency.

Sharing my own personal story about how I accidentally found out I was part of a diversity workplace program, to the stream of microaggressions I’ve navigated in life and at work, has led me to spend more time researching and talking about Canada’s unique place in the diversity, equity and inclusion space.

Statistics show that industries across the board could make serious gains in revenue per year through diversity, inclusion and belonging efforts. But despite throwing millions of well-intentioned dollars at D&I programs, underrepresented groups struggle to get their foot in the door, and when they do, they almost never make it up the ranks. Something doesn’t add up.


My public speaking and corporate DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) consulting is anchored in intersectionality, with specific emphasis on the idea that effective diversity work must go beyond gender. Diversity and inclusion initiatives that try to group people into such categories as gender, ethnicity, and age provide a narrow view of what shapes our identities. No one is defined by a single category, we are influenced by our socialization, experiences, culture, and background. This is a core concept behind intersectionality. My approach is also heavily rooted in explaining what allyship looks like and giving tangible steps to transforming how teams understand how this plays out in the workplace.

Through keynotes and workshops, I’ve helped kickstart these difficult conversations at both mid-size and large scale companies such as Fiix Software, The Conference Board of Canada, TD Bank, KPMG, Investors Group and Enbridge.

Take a look through my most popular speaking topics below, and contact me today to inquire about booking a customized workshop or keynote.


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Keynote sessions (25 min to 1hr, unlimited number of attendees)


Signature topics:


Expanding Inclusion Through Intersectionality

Learn why one-dimensional DEI programs fail. When we try to group people into such categories as gender, ethnicity, and age it provides a narrow view of what shapes our identities. No one is defined by a single category. We are influenced by our socialization, experiences, culture, and background. This is a core concept behind intersectionality.


How to recognize and confront racism in the workplace

The most recent iteration of the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked renewed discussion about how to achieve inclusion and belonging for racialized employees in the workplace. This educational session will help you understand why racism is not an “American” problem by walking you through the historical Canadian context of systemic racism. The course also explores how racism manifests in the Canadian workplace and how leaders can show true allyship in a time that requires deep empathy and sensitivity.


Why are we still talking about race: the media’s role in upholding systemic racism

The resurgence of a global conversation on racism has shocked a lot of us who felt like racism was a thing of the past, leaving many asking, ‘why are we still talking about race?’ In this keynote, Camille explains the origins of systemic race and why that still matters today. This talk focuses on the role of news media in perpetuating and upholding that systemic racism.


Storytelling as a leadership tool

Learn how vulnerability can be the differentiator in creating an inclusive work environment. This workshop includes an eye-opening exercise that gets everyone to see each other's differences while also finding common ground.


Finding your power

The promise of female empowerment as the key to success is everywhere. But women are being bombarded with this message, without the truth or the tools for how to get to this empowered destination. Camille Dundas leads a candid discussion on her own personal path to living an empowered life.



Employee Black Advisory Group (ERG or Affinity Group) Conversation Circle

Duration: 90 mins | Attendee limit: 12 per session

This conversation circle is an opportunity to hear from your Black employees, in their own words, the ways the workplace can create Black trauma and also how they would like to be supported. In this circle, employees who aren’t Black are listeners and learners. The circle is a brave space where we honour the stories and experiences shared.

Circles are effective and supportive ways to guide difficult and sometimes competitive conversations. They allow both the loudest and the quietest voice in the room to contribute equally. Conversation Circles bring people into a shared process while also modeling the tenets of inclusivity. 


This Circle will:

Unearth lived experiences of Black employees in your workplace

Provide a space for Black employees to connect and exchange shared experiences

Amplify the voices that are generally silenced

Facilitate the Advisory Group in recognizing commonality and shared values

Foster future-focused thinking (i.e. moving forward)

The Circle Keeper, while maintaining confidentiality will produce a circle report to be included in the research for defining your company’s DEI Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles. 


Executive session: How To Recognize and Confront Racism In The Workplace

Duration: 75mins | Recommended attendees: up to 40

The most recent iteration of the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked renewed discussion about how to achieve inclusion and belonging for racialized employees in the workplace. Executives and managers know they need to do something but are worried about getting it wrong.


This virtual workshop will help you:


Understand how systemic racism was created

Understand how anti-Black-racism manifests in the workplace in the form of microaggressions

Understand how to respond to microaggressions and how to lead difficult conversations

Tips on building a culture of belonging 


General staff session: How to show up as an ally in the workplace

Duration: 75 minutes | Unlimited attendees

The global pandemic and the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests have revealed so many of our blind spots when it comes to supporting our colleagues and making sure everyone is included in this ‘new normal’. This virtual session is a combination of educational awareness and action steps for supporting colleagues in allyship.


This virtual workshop will help you understand:


When good people do bad things: why all of us have biases and how to recognize them

Understanding microaggressions and their impact on the workplace

What it means to be an active bystander in the workplace

What do I do now? Things you can do today to help make your workplace a safer space for everyone


HR/Recruitment/Hiring Managers Session: Identifying and Dismantling Racism In The Employee Journey

Duration: 120 mins | Recommended attendees: up to 40

Whether we realize it or not, racism has seeped its way into every aspect of our society, including hiring practices. This workshop walks hiring managers or recruiters through the employee journey from application to promotion, pointing out the ways in which racism affects candidate pools and new hires. This workshop provides tactical and tangible advice that you can apply to ensure that racism isn’t being perpetuated throughout the employee journey. 


By the end of the session you will: 


Be able to define and differentiate between conscious and unconscious bias, overt and covert racism

Be able to define microaggressions and understand the impact it has on racialized communities in the workplace

Feel more confident and comfortable with anti-racism discourse

Identify opportunities in the employee journey to mitigate bias and foster an inclusive environment


Employee Survey on Discrimination

Most companies conduct pulse surveys regularly but hardly ever have surveys focused specifically on understanding whether employees are experiencing or witnessing racism/discrimination. Yet a recent survey found that 54 percent of Black Canadians have an ongoing experience with discrimination at work, meaning it occurs regularly. This employee survey is customized to your industry and unique workplace to uncover the experiences that many of your team members may be silently burdened with. The results are used during the executive education session to give leaders a true picture of the current climate on their teams.




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